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  • The Federal Opposition is pushing the Government to cough up more money for the fight against Ebola in West Africa.
    Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek says our country has given $18 million, but that's tiny compared to other donors.

    A third Melbourne council has decided to take Supreme Court action against the East West Link.
    The Mooney Valley Council says the project will seize land bigger than the size of the MCG playing field from its municipality.

    Meanwhile there's a rally on the steps of Parliament protesting the project this afternoon:

    It's been another tough year for Channel Ten, the struggling station posting a net loss of $168.3 million for the last financial year.
    If there's a positive, it was an improvement on last years $285 million loss. The figures prompted the network to call up Canberra again and push again for a reform media ownership laws.
    oria Police are investigating another senseless act of animal cruelty, after the death of a number of chickens at a Kensington school this morning.
    The offenders entered overnight, decapitating the 10 pets. Authorities are pretty sure they're looking for people, rather than a fox or dog.
    The Napthine Government is playing down reports of a porn scandal in State Parliament. A sacked former adviser to Ted Baillieu, who is suing for wrongful dismissal, claims at least 3 memory sticks of porn were passed around between MPs and ministerial staff.
    DFAT is speaking with authorities in Nepal where more than 140 people are missing after avalanches on the Himalayas.
    So far 20 people have been confirmed dead after days of wild weather. Foreign Affairs doesn't think any Australians were in the region, but have set up a number to call if anyone is concerned about friends or family traveling in the county... that number 1300-555-135
    A second U.S. health care worker has tested positive for Ebola.
    It's also been revealed they flew on a domestic flight just a day before her diagnosis. Health authorities now want to interview all 132 people who were also on board.
    Channel Ten's Family Feud has sparked a social media backlash, after contestants were asked to name a Womans Job on the show last night.

    With the blockbuster BOYD and BEAMS deals done, the Paddy Ryder trade is set to make today's 2pm Deadline a real cliff-hanger.  Port Adelaide has offered the Bombers 17 and 37 in exchange. The 2 clubs were locked in mediation discussions for hours at AFL House yesterday ... all to no avail.
    Bernard Tomic has won through to the quarter finals of the Stockholm Open.

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  • Friday, 17th October

    ASADA is set to have its powers broadened to bring it into line with the World Anti-Doping Authority.
    Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates will address a senate inquiry in Canberra today to push for the changes. From next year WADA will double bans for drug cheats from 2 to 4 years.

    The ACCC is warning Australians looking for a bargain holiday, not to be sucked in by scammers.
    The consumer watchdog has received more than 1600 complaints recently about bogus travel deals, usally selling vouchers over the phone or offering discount holiday packages.

    Telstra has also issued
    another warning about scammers, with reports of cold-calls claiming to be offering deals from the company.

    An Australian man has been put behind bars for nine months over a fatal motorbike crash.
    23 year old Jake Drage was holidaying in West Java when his motorbike collided with another bike, killing a local mother in June. He has already served three months of the sentence.
    Political correctness has gone mad with the nursery rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep" culled at some Victorian day-care centres because of the "black" reference.
    Some say the lyric is being changed to reflect a multicultural community. Apparently there's even talk about changing the line "one for the little boy who lives down the lane" so it wouldn't be considered sexist.

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  • A good news story for Geelong! 300 new jobs for the region to be announced in the expansion of the @CottonOn global headquarters #newsfeed

    The anti-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane last month have apparently broken up the alleged terror cell planning to behead a member of the public.

    The Australian's reporting at least four members have left the group since the raids...while many jihadists are withdrawing from social media in a bid to cover their tracks. 

    Meantime, a Gold Coast mum's online baby supplies business has been targeted by ISIL supporters.. who've hacked her website, posting pro-Islamic messages. 
    A special rapid-response medical team's on standby to fight the Ebola virus if it reaches home soil.. 

    While the World Health Organisation's admitted it botched the initial response to the deadly disease. 

    It says staff should have known that traditional containment methods wouldn't work in the African region because of it's broken health system. 
    It's now known a group of mountain climbing Australians are among the 140 people missing in Nepal after this weeks avalanches on the Himalayas.

    Search teams are using shovels and ice axes to dig through thick snow in the search. At least 29 people have already been confirmed dead in one of the world's worst mountain disasters.

    If anyone is concerned about friends or family travelling in the county... you can call the Department of Foreign Affairs on 1300-555-135
    A crack team of so-called "Kindegarten Cops" have fined 24 childcare operators around the country a collective two-million dollars as part of a fraud sting

    Around half were exposed for rorting taxpayers by overcharging the Government for children in their care.
    The Nigerian Government says it's reached a ceasefire agreement with the militant group which kidnapped 200 school girls six months ago.
    A new study suggests drinking soft drinks can accelerate the body's ageing process just as fast as smoking.
    and it seems the Americans couldn't come around to like the Aussie footy favourite... meat pies. Australian chain Pie Face has started shutting up its stores in the US where savoury pies failed to pick up fans.

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  • Controversial plans forcing Muslim women wearing burqas to sit in a special section of Parliament have been dumped. #NewsFeed #NewsRoom
  • Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has died. He was 98 years old. #NewsFeed #NewsRoom
  • Tony Abbott's sent his condolences to Gough Whitlam's family after his death today. The PM describing him as a "giant of his time" #NewsFeed

  • Wednesday, October 22

    Here's a list of the pre-schools closed around Melbourne today:

    Donvale Preschool
    Blossom Park Kindergarten
    Montessori Early Learning Centre
    Appletree Hill Preschool
    Grange Road Sandringham
    Pinewood Preschool
    Greenhills Preschool
    Lergerberg Preschool
    Turner St Kindergarten
    Bentleigh West Kinder
    Laharum Preschool
    Alamanda Kindergarten
    Grace Park Preschool
    Kallista Kindergarten
    Greenbrook Kindergarten
    Jells Park
    Monbulk Kindergarten
    Kingsway Preschool
    The Merrell Kindergarten
    Albert Park Preschool
    Yarralea Children's Centre
    Lalor East Preschool
    JJ McMahon Memorial Kindergarten
    Langwarrin Park Preschool
    Apex Kindergarten
    Bowerbird Preschool
    Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten
    Moyhu Preschool
    Mentone Preschool
    Chirnside Park
    Ballam Park Preschool
    Altona Kindergarten
    Fawkner Kindergarten
    Broadmeadowns Kindergarten
    Lady Forster Kindergarten
    Eversham Road Preschool
    Alfred Nuttall Kindergarten
    South Sunshine Kindergarten
    Oakleigh Primary School Kindergarten
    Bentons Square Kindergarten
    Fordham Avenue Kindergarten
    Rowen St Kindergarten
    Beleura Hill Kindergarten
    Dromana Preschool
    Farm Road Kindergarten
    Hollins Children's Centre Pakenham
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  • Thursday, October 23

    The 32 AFL players issued show-cause notices by ASADA now say they "wont be responding". The players remain adamant they did nothing wrong, and want ASADA to get this matter sorted ASAP.

    Here is the statement just released from the AFL Players Association:

    Statement from AFL Players' CEO Paul Marsh

    The AFL Players’ Association can confirm the players’ lawyers have reviewed the summary of evidence that has been provided by ASADA in support of the amended show cause notices.

    The players’ legal team have had discussions with the players about the show cause packs and the material on which ASADA’s case is based.

    The players affirmed their commitment to seek an expeditious process to give them the opportunity to remove the cloud that has hung over them for almost two years.

    The players do not intend to respond to the show cause notices.

    It is important to note that the onus of proving the allegations against the players that they were administered the prohibited substance Thymosin Beta 4, rests with the AFL. While ASADA is only required to demonstrate to the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel a ‘possibility’ of a violation, the much higher standard proof of ‘comfortable satisfaction’ is required to be proved by the AFL at the AFL Anti-Doping tribunal.

    The players’ lawyers have written to ASADA and the AFL informing them that the players do not intend to respond to the show cause notices and requested that ASADA expedite the process by bringing the matter before the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel within seven days.

    In the event that ASADA is not able to meet that timeline, ASADA has been requested to simultaneously provide the AFL General Counsel and the players’ legal team with all the documentation and evidentiary material it has in this matter so that the matter can be dealt with in accordance with the AFL Anti-Doping Code.

    We urge ASADA to take all necessary steps to accede to the players’ request for this matter to be fast-tracked, particularly given that:

    - the players remain steadfast in their belief they have done nothing wrong;

    - the players have cooperated fully throughout the entire process;

    - the evidence should have been provided when the show cause notices were originally issued in June; and

    - the unnecessary delays that the players have had to endure that are in no part attributable to them, without there being any finality to this saga.

    This process has already taken up 21 months – about half the average AFL player’s career. The prospect that players would have to endure a third season with these proceeding hanging over their head is simply unacceptable.

    The players want this matter resolved quickly and fairly. It is time to bring this matter to an end.

    Three members of the same family have been shot dead in a neighborhood dispute in the tiny town of Wedderburn, just north west of Bendigo overnight.

    We now know the victims were a couple in their 70's and a man in his 40's. The gunman is a 63 year old from Saint Arnaud.

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is confident his asylum status will be resolved, as he awaits the ruling on his case by a Swedish court.

    A court in Stockholm is expected to rule on an appeal by his lawyer on Friday, against the arrest warrant hanging over him for allegations of rape and sexual molestation.

    Assange has been hiding out in the embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012

    Other news around the world this morning.

    - Anyone entering the United States from the Ebola-hit nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone will undergo "active monitoring" for signs of the deadly virus for 21 days.

    The sons of an Australian man whose slashed body was found in a Bali
    rice field in a killing allegedly ordered by their mother say they are
    "completely devastated".

    An Australian man caught in a global sting which used a virtual girl
    called Sweetie to trap child sex predators has become the first person
    convicted from the operation.

    Oscar Pistorius has spent his first night of a five-year jail term in a
    single cell in the hospital wing of a prison in the capital, Pretoria.

    Canada's parliament has spent the day in lockdown after a shooting attack. A gunman killed a soldier guarding an Ottawa war memorial before storming into the halls of parliament. He was shot dead by police.

    Conservative MP Nina Grewal posted this pic of MPs barricading the doors with furniture 

    Meanwhile the Federal Government has updated travel advice for anyone considering travel to Canada.

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says "if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel overseas at this time". 

    For the most up to date information, head to the Smart Traveler website: 

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  • Fire damages a Preston home this morning and a man treated for Ebola symptoms in New York City!

    More here:… #newsfeed
  • Melbourne Newsfeed

    Friday, October 24

    Ebola has arrived in New York City. A doctor who recently returned from treating Ebola
    patients in Guinea has tested positive for the virus this morning.

    The man has been put into isolation at a city hospital while health authorities are spreading across the city to track down everyone who may have come into contact with him in recent days. A further test will be conducted later to confirm the results.

    Our Governor General has thanked Australian troops for their service to the nation during a two-day visit to the Middle East.

    Peter Cosgrove has met with defence force personnel involved in Iraq and the wider Middle East region during a visit to Australia's main base in the United Arab Emirates. A
    wreath was also laid at  a memorial for the 41 Australian soldiers killed on duty in Afghanistan.
    It's going to be a record weekend for home auctions in Melbourne, with 1641 properties up for grabs tomorrow.

    That's 22 more than the same weekend last year (which set a new record then)... and it's an all
    time record for the city. The most properties up for grabs are in Brighton and Richmond with 27 each, followed by Hawthorn and Reservoir.
    The Socceroos have fallen to 94th in the FIFA rankings, down 10 places!

    It means our side are now the 11th ranked nation in Asia, while Belgium moved into the top four for the first time.

    Making private calls and playing on your phone at work? You're hurting your prospects of promotion!
    A new survey has also revealed many employers think young people don't have a clue about how to behave appropriately at work and don't have relationship skills.

    by mom_that_is_me via Instagram

    Cox Plate hopeful "The Cleaner" has made the voyage to Melbourne for tomorrow's big race at Moonee Valley. The seven year old gelding is the first Tasmanian-owned and trained horse to get a start in the 3-million dollar race.
    Not that you were probably planning to go there any time soon, but North Korea h
    as closed it's borders to all foreign tourists due to Ebola fears.

    The ban comes as the infection count pushes close to 10,000 in West Africa, while another suspect case has emerged in the US. A health care worker has been put in quarantined in New York after returning from West Africa.

    3 people have had a lucky escape from a house fire in Preston this morning.
    The Spring St address went up in flames around 6am, with authorities taking a bit over half an hour to get it under control.
    The cause of the fire is unknown at stage.


    A 63 year old man is off to court today to face charges over Wednesday nights triple fatal shooting at Wedderburn. Three members of the one family died in the incident. Ian Jamieson
    faced an out of sessions hearing at the local police station last night, and was remanded in custody over the deaths.
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  • Melbourne Newsfeed

    Saturday, 25th October

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has delivered a speech to the Australian Christian Lobby, telling them he is a Christian who believes in marriage equality.

    Shorten read from the Bible and said he couldn't remain silent about those who said marriage equality was the first step on the road to polygamy and bigamy and bestiality.

    The Liberal Party is yet to decide whether to allow a conscience vote on the matter, but Labor MPs have a free vote.

    The world sky diving altitude record has been broken overnight!
    The jump was made by the senior vice president of Google, Alan Eustace. He went up attached to a massive helium balloon, then dropped from an altitude of 41km. He dropped faster than the speed of sound in his 15 minute fall back to earth.

    #alaneustace #epicbadass
    by angelineo via Instagram

    A Melbourne man on a Bali holiday with his wife has died while surfing off Kuta Beach.
    Lifeguards pulled the 56-year-old out of the water yesterday afternoon, but he couldn't be revived.

    The Ebola epidemic has moved online,
    with cyber-criminals now using email alerts about the virus to hack peoples computers. Authorities are warning us to watch out for spam emails claiming to be from the World Health Organisation and contain malicious web links or attachments.


    More Aussies might have made their way to the middle east to join ISIL, a
    fter using a pilgrimage to Mecca as cover to leave the country.

    Around 5,000 people made the journey earlier this month. Local security agencies are preparing to investigate if any Islamic extremists were among them.

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  • Sunday Newsfeed

    Sunday, 26 October

    Two women have been attacked by dingoes on Fraser Island off the Queensland coast. The pair were jogging on the beach at Yidney Rocks, on the island's west coast, when they were bitten "quite heavily" on the legs by two dingoes.

    Fraser Island is renowned for its wild dingoes.

    by lauracr07 via Instagram

    **it's been a tough weekend in the NBA for Australia with Joe Ingles and Brock Motum getting cut. Ingles was a casualty when the LA Clippers squad was trimmed to 15 on the eve of the regular season. Motum was dropped from the Utah Jazz squad earlier in the week.
    Jack Bruce, the composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has died of liver disease, aged 71.

    Bruce was most famous for his work with guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker in legendary 1960s group Cream.
    His death was announced on his official website.

    Cream sold 35 million albums in just over two years and were awarded the world's first ever platinum disc for their LP Wheels of Fire.
    Bruce wrote and sang most of the songs, including I Feel Free, White Room, Politician and perhaps the world's most performed guitar riff, in Sunshine Of Your Love.

    Cream split in November 1968 at the height of their popularity.
    Bruce felt that he had strayed too far from his ideals and wanted to re-discover his musical and social roots.

    Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love (Farewell Concert - Extended Edition) (1 of 11)
    by theeshrimpking via YouTube

    Federal Police are preparing evidence in the case against Sydney teen terrorist Abdullah Elmir.

    Authorities say he's already committed an offense by admitting to being a member of ISIL in the terror groups latest propaganda video, and say he faces at least 25 years behind bars if he ever returns to Australia.

    The baby of an Australian woman who went into labour on board a Malaysia Airlines flight on Friday has died.
    The flight from KL to Brisbane was forced to make an emergency landing in Bali when the mothers water broke.

    The hospital says the baby of around 24 weeks had already been delivered and died before the woman arrived.
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  • Getting the train this morning? Leave home early guys because there's minor delays across the whole @metrotrains network #newsfeed
  • Australia is still Ebola free for now. First test results for an 18 year old woman quarantined at the Royal Brisbane are negative #newsfeed
  • Monday Newsfeed

    Monday, 27th October

    Thousands of properties across the State are without power still after this mornings raging lightning  storms. Providers are working their hardest to restore supplies.

    These are the outages across the CitiPower network:


    UPDATE: Metro says all lines are now going through the City Loop again, but major delays continue across the network while signals are restored.

    This is the latest line update:

    Melbourne is set for more storms to move through later in the day, to cap off this mornings spectacular sound and light show which woke up the city.

    A lightning strike is also thought to be responsible for a fire which destroyed a home at Prahran.

    Is Ebola in Australia already?

    One person has been isolated at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital after showing possible symptoms of the virus. The 18 year old woman developed a fever yesterday, 11 days after returning from West Africa with eight family members.

    Meanwhile an Australian man has also been isolated at his home in Thailand after returning from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 49 people have died of Ebola.

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  • Hold off buying petrol a few days if you can... it's about to get much cheaper (we're hearing under $1 .30 a litre) and stay down #newsfeed
  • Tuesday Newsfeed

    Tuesday, 28th October

    Race stewards will put British Melbourne Cup hope "My Ambivalent" through a thorough fitness test at Werribee today.
    Vets inspected her last week, after reports she was mildly sore. If she's scratched, it will move the Aussie-trained "Big Memory" closer to a start.

    More than 27,000 drivers have been snapped by one set of speed cameras in the CBD in the past year,
    with the intersection of Flinders and William Streets making a generous $6.6 million for Spring Street.

    The latest stats from the Justice Department reveal 5 of Victorias 10 most prolific cameras are in 40 or 50km/h speed zones, helping the State Government rake in almost $300 million in fines in the past year.

    A man in his 50s has been stabbed in the chest during a violent home invasion at Jacana this morning.
    The offender broke in around 5-30 where he was confronted by a resident, leading to a scuffle. Paramedics are treating the victim for non-life threatening injuries.

    We have a nasty 3 car crash on the Maroondah Hwy in Lilydale. The road has been closed in both directions while emergency services attend the scene.

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  • A car has crashed into the Gucci shop on Collins Street in the city. Luckily the driver only suffered minor nose injuries. #NewsFeed
  • Friday Newsfeed

    Friday 31st of October

    Homicide detectives are at Diggers Rest, where a body has been found in a car boot after a car fire this morning.

    Police are yet to identify the body, which was found inside the car on the Bulla-Diggers Rest Road
    just after midnight.

    Homicide Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey say the scene appears to be a well planned body dump, with the car left without number plates and the vehicle ID number destroyed.

    The iconic Brunswick Street shopping strip could look dramatically different soon, if the City of Yarra gives a proposal the green light

    It could be closed to traffic between Alexandra and Victoria Parades, allowing more space for pedestrians, cyclists and traders.

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  • Saturday Newsfeed

    Virgin Galactic's spaceship has crashed in the Mojave Desert during a
    test flight this morning, killing a pilot and seriously injuring another.

    It was the first time it has returned to the sky to fly under it's own power since earlier this year, and the company was hopeful they would get to take their first paying passengers into orbit early in 2015

    Richard Branson is flying to the crash site to be with his staff at the Virgin Space Port

    During testing for the development of a rocket motor for SpaceShipTwo in July 2007, an explosion at the Mojave spaceport killed three workers and critically injured three others.

    by audrina_paris_stfleur via Instagram 


    F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says the number of cars on the grid next year could be reduced to 14 due to the financial crisis engulfing the sport.

    The grid for tomorrows race has already been cut to 18 cars, the smallest in a decade.

    Vettels car in the workshop.
    by cdbundren via Instagram


    Julia Gillard has been cleared of any criminal activity relating to an alleged corrupt slush fund.

    Lawyers told the inquiry Ms Gillard did not know about any of the activities conducted by her former lover Bruce Wilson, but she was the beneficiary of funds.


    Rolf Harris has been blocked in his first attempt at appealing his convictions for sexual assault.

    His application to appeal was refused by a Court of Appeal judge looking at written submissions. The 84 year old started his 5 year and 9 month jail term back in July.

    A man who suffered severe burns while fighting a bushfire in South Australia's mid north yesterday died last night.

    The 38 year old from Mount Templeton was helping a neighbour contain the blaze on his property at the time. Overnight the Country Fire Service declared the fire no longer threatening lives and homes.

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  • Witnesses say a hot air balloon that landed in the Footscray Town Hall car park, at one stage got tangled in a power pole #NewsFeed
  • More terrible news from today's #MelbourneCup - runner Araldo has been put down after breaking it's legs. #newsfeed
  • Melbourne Newsfeed

    Thursday, November 6th
    DeleteEdit Image

    A woman from Colac has scored $143,590 in compensation from the TAC after being driven over by her pet dog.

    She claims she was returning to the car after walking her three dogs, putting one in the passenger seat and two in the back. Before she could sit in the driver's seat, one of the dogs knocked the handbrake, causing the car to roll with her arm caught in the door. The woman was dragged along with the car until she eventually fell to the ground.

    by anyasvintage via Instagram


    Federal Police have made a major drugs bust in Sydney, catching $13 million worth of methamphetamine concealed within flat-pack timber.

    The intercept was made by the AFP and Customs officers, who say the haul 65kg haul is a big dent in the supply on Australia's streets.

    Victoria's public transport authority has had to pay back more than $1 million after the MYKI ticketing system was hit by an online scam.

    stolen money was then used to top up myki cards which were onsold to
    commuters for a reduced price, often on sites such as Gumtree or eBay.
    We're being reminded buy myki public transport cards from authorised dealers, or risk them being blocked, after an online scam in which money was stolen from foreign credit cards.

    by sumeet__ via Instagram

    Whale rescuers have been forced to put down eight stranded pilot whales following a second mass stranding in New Zealand's eastern Bay of Plenty.

    The eight whales have been euthanised after rescuers found a group of 22.
    Six were already dead and a further eight died during the morning before the decision was made to put down the remaining whales on welfare grounds.

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  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Saturday 8th November
    Victorian Police are searching for a hit run driver, who left a pedestrian with critical head and shoulder injuries in St Albans this morning.

    The collision happened just after 2am on Percy Street.

    Detectives believe the ute involved may have damage to the front
    passenger side.

    Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800
    333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at
    A 14-year-old girl missing since Monday has been located safe and well.

    Elwood teen Imogen Vincent attended a police station just after 6pm last night.
    Tony Abbott will meet with Vladimir Putin next week, after he promised to 'shirtfront' the Russian President over the MH-17 crash.

    The talks have been brought forward to Tuesday on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Beijing, instead of the G20 in Brisbane.
    The twin sister of Thai surrogate baby Gammy has been appointed her own lawyer as part of a safety plan ordered by a West Australian court.

    Orders granted by the court also include active monitoring of the infant by the state's child protection department, after it emerged her biological father was a convicted sex offender.
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  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Sunday 9th November
    The fight to protect Melbourne's Palais Theatre is going all the way to the Victorian election.

    Campaigner and musician Tex Perkins has announced plans to stand as an independent for Albert Park in the November 29 poll.

    Meanwhile the Coalition has announced a $3.9 billion boost to Melbourne's public transport network if it is re-elected.
    About 25 devastated Rolling Stones fans protested last night outside Melbourne's State Library, calling on the band to reschedule its cancelled Victorian show.

    Fans say they've lost thousands of dollars in expenses after last night's Hanging Rock gig was called off because of singer Mick Jagger's throat infection.
    Aussies say their stress levels are affecting their mental health, but men are feeling the pressure less then women.
    A new Australian Psychological Society survey has found more than 70 percent of people believe their stress levels affect them physically, while 44 percent of men say finances play on their minds the most.
    An Australian man is believed to have been killed while fighting in Syria, making him the third death in the past two weeks.

    DFAT is still trying to confirm reports of the Sydney father's death.

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  • Armed men have chased down and attacked a group of teenage boys at Hampton Park, leaving one of them in serious condition. #NewsFeed
  • Remembrance Day will hold extra special significance for one Melbourne family, whose stolen war medals will be returned today. #NewsFeed
  • Experts are worried about a dangerous trend where women with eating disorders are using energy drinks as a meal replacement. #NewsFeed
  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Monday 10th November
    Bombers fans have rallied outside the Federal Court in Melbourne to support James Hird.

    The Essendon coach is appealing September's court ruling,
    which upheld ASADA's doping investigation into the supplements saga.

    Hird is being supported at the one day hearing by his wife Tanya.

    Annette from Thomastown, who has been a Bombers supporter for 52 years, says she's standing up for her coach, but won't sign up for membership again if he's sacked.
    photo credit: Lachlan Wills
    An escaped cow has left a man in his 50's in hospital, after it charged at him and knocked him unconscious near Geelong yesterday.

    It took police two hours to catch the animal.
    Fuel excise changes come into force today, with the rate going up half a cent to 38.6 cents a litre.

    The Abbott Government is expecting to raise an extra $19 billion dollars over the next decade, but the Opposition is claiming the Prime Minister has gone back on his election promise of "no new taxes."
    A group of teenage boys hanging out at a park in Melbourne's south east last night have been chased by several armed men and attacked.

    A 16 year old boy suffered a significant blow to the head in Hampton Park and was taken by his mates to a nearby supermarket to treat his wound.

    The Endeavour Hills teen is in a serious condition and police are hunting the group of men.

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  • Police are warning residents north of the Monash Fwy & Heatherton Rd in Endeavour Hills to stay indoors, after a chemical spill #NewsFeed
  • Three trucks and two cars have crashed on the Princes Fwy in Point Cook near Forsyth Rd. One car driver is trapped. #NewsRoom #NewsFeed
  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Wednesday 12th November
    Telstra will text customers within seconds of reaching their mobile download limit, in a bid to avoid bill shock for customers.

    The telco is the first in Australia to roll out real-time alerts.

    Complaints about excess data charges rose by a third in the latest financial year as other mobile phone complaints fell, according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

    olice are hunting a sex predator
    accused of indecently assaulting four women in the space of two hours earlier this month.

    The attacks happened on November 1st on The Tan Track, St Kilda Road, as well as Maribyrnong and Keilor East.

    Detectives have released CCTV images of the man they want to speak to, who is
    described as being Caucasian in appearance and aged in his 30's with a slim to medium build.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333
    000 or submit a confidential crime report at www.

    CCTV images released by police

    1 of 2

    A man and woman in their 20's have been arrested in Geelong West, over the murder of a mother in Norlane on Monday.

    No charges have been laid and the pair is being interviewed.
    There was no shirt fronting, but Tony Abbott

    has confronted Russian President Vladmir Putin in a tense meeting at APEC overnight.

    The Prime Minister demanded Putin apologise for Russia's involvement in shooting down MH17 and pay compensation to the victims' families.
    Another big win for footy fans with cheer squads now free to fly flags as big as they want, from behind their team's goals.

    The AFL has backflipped on flag size restrictions, after complaints about a lack of colour and excitement at games.

    It comes a day after news that fans will be allowed back on the MCG next year for a kick to kick after the final siren.
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  • Missing Vermont teenager may be frequenting karaoke bars. More: #NewsFeed #NewsRoom
  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Friday 14th November
    A man in his 50's has been stabbed in his Reservoir front yard.

    The attack happened on McMahon Street early this morning and he suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

    The offender remains on the run and is described as being
    aged in his 30's, wearing a black singlet and work boots.

    Neighbours are being interviewed
    Police want our help to find a missing Vermont teenager,
    who hasn't been seen in over two weeks.

    15 year old Sitiang Wang left home after an argument with her parents and may be frequenting karaoke bars on Bourke and Elizabeth Streets in the CBD.

    She is described as being Asian in appearance, 165cm tall, slim build with long dark straight hair. 
    Missing girl Sitiang Wang 
    Just two weeks out from the election, the Napthine Government is still heading for defeat according to the latest polls.

    The Coalition
    still trails Labor 44% to 56%.
    Lolly flavoured e-cigarettes have been slammed by anti-tobacco groups, who say they could be sold to anyone including school children.

    While they don't contain nicotine, experts are concerned the big tobacco companies have found a loophole to target young buyers and normalise smoking.

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  • A man was badly burnt in a suspicious car fire in Reservoir this morning, while three people escaped a burning Malvern East home #NewsFeed
  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Monday 17th November
    Police have confirmed the death of a motorcyclist on the Monash Freeway in Toorak this morning.

    The biker was hit from behind by a truck.

    The stretch of road is shut at Warrigal Road, causing heavy delays.

    Closures are expected to last for a few hours.

    A light plane with landing gear issues has landed safely at Moorabbin Airport.

    The pilot was the only person onboard.
    A light plane is having trouble landing at Moorabbin Airport
    , because of under carriage problems

    It is circling the airport while emergency crews get into place for its landing.

    World leaders have condemned the latest ISIL video,
    showing the beheading of 26 year old American aid worker Peter Kassig.

    The United States has confirmed the authenticity of the footage,
    which again features a man speaking with a British accent.
     Peter Kassig
    A man has been left with life
    -threatening burns after a suspicious car fire in Reservoir this morning.

    He was found in a nearby about an hour after the fire, suffering burns to his entire body.

    Police are investigating.

    A multi-million dollar Malvern East home was gutted by fire overnight, however luckily two teenagers, a woman and the family dog escaped unharmed.

    The ferocious blaze caused about $750,000 damage.

    Investigators are looking into the cause this morning

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  • A light plane with landing gear issues has landed safely at Moorabbin Airport. #NewsRoom #NewsFeed
  • Scalpers have used false names to scam more than 100 tables at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck. More: #NewsFeed
  • A conviction will not be recorded against former AFL player Stephan Milne for the indecent assault of a woman in 2004. #NewsFeed #NewsRoom
  • Melbourne NewsFeed

    Tuesday 18th of November

    Former AFL player Stephen Milne has been fined $15,000 but avoided a conviction for indecently assaulting a woman 10 years ago.

    The ex-St Kilda forward admitted to indecently assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a teammate's house following a drunken night out in 2004.

    Victorian County Court Judge Michael Bourke says Milne's victim did nothing wrong and has not deserved the consequences and effects upon her.

    He found the woman
    has 'suffered a good deal', had been abused and felt a sense of injustice.

    Judge Michael Bourke says he decided not to give Milne a criminal record because he is unlikely to reoffend and because of the distress of the 10 year delay.

    He says the ex-player's character references were powerful and he has matured in past 10 years.

    A 63 year old man who was lost in the Macedon Ranges for three days has been found safe and well.

    Castlemaine man Henry Wright was found today following a search of bushland.

    He became disoriented and ended up driving on unsealed roads.

    The State Opposition is promising to save St Kilda's Palais Theatre, if it wins this month's election.

    Labor Leader Daniel Andrews is pledging $13.4 million dollars for an upgrade at the iconic live music venue.

    Andrews says he saw Midnight Oil play there in 1992.

    Police might think twice before searching backpacks in the future, after a metre long West Australian python was discovered during a search of a cyclist late last night.

    Officers pulled over the 32 year old in Seaford and ended up having a heated discussion with the man for not warning them about the pet before the bag was searched.

    The man and snake were taken into custody, where the cyclist was charged with drug offenses.

    First Constable Mark Aitken

    A man's body has been found in a S
    t Kilda laneway this morning.

    The Homicide Squad is on its way to Inkerman Street.

    A 22 year old man
    been robbed of his BMW at gun point,
    during an early morning car jacking in Armadale.

    He was sitting in his car near his Densham Avenue home, when he found himself boxed in by two Audis.

    Police say five balaclava clad men were involved in the hold up.

    One of them tapped on the man's window with a gun, before driving his car away.


    Scammers have managed to get their hands on more than 100 highly sought after tables at Heston Blumenthan's Fat Duck restaurant.

    Several groups of financial professionals reportedly managed to rort the online booking system, with some passing reservations onto wealthy clients.

    thers are selling them at a profit of $500 a head.

    Victoria's scalping laws don't cover restaurant bookings.
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  • The State Government is looking at fencing bus drivers off from violent passengers on certain routes. More: #NewsFeed
  • A chiropractic clinic has been destroyed by fire in Port Melbourne, sending thick smoke across nearby suburbs. #NewsRoom #NewsFeed
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