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  • Scout Willis goes topless to expose Instagram policy

    Scout Willis has strolled around the streets of New York City topless to expose a point about Instagram.

    She has taken to Twitter to post photos of her walking around Manhattan, wearing a floral skirt and brown shoes but no top with the caption "What @instagram won't let you see" #freethenipple.

    It comes after Instagram deleted one of her pictures (which depicted visible nipples) for violating its community guidelines. 

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    Jeremy Meeks, who found fame for having the hottest ever mugshot, has broken his silence saying I'm not a "kingpin."

    The thirty year old's dreamy blue eyes and chiseled jawline went viral last week when California's Stockton Police Department posted the picture online.

    Meeks, who is married with a three year old son, says his wife has informed him of his new found dreamboat status. 

    He has told a California news network  "I appreciate (the attention) but I just want you to know this is not me, I'm not some kingpin."

    Meeks has been charged with illegal possession of firearms or ammunition, carrying a loaded weapon in public and street gang activity. 

    He has previously spent nine years behind bars for "grand theft." 

    Bail has been posted at $900,000. 

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    A young boy has died after going missing in Victoria's ski fields. 

    The seven year old was found unconscious by a ski-patrol at 6:30 last night, he'd gone missing an hour and a half earlier. 

    He was taken to the Mount Buller Medical Centre, but later died from cardiac arrest. 

    The death is not being treated as suspicious. 

    A report will be prepared for the Coroner. 

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  • BREAKING NEWS: Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash


    The world has lost a group of leading AIDS researchers in today's crash. The dead include Joep Lange, head of the International AIDS Society.

    UPDATE 10.13am:

    New passenger list for MH17 shows 298 people were on board, including 3 babies.

    UPDATE 10.00am: 

    MH17 was connecting to following flights in Australia

    MEL- MH129
    SYD- MH141
    BRI- MH135/MH134
    ADE- MH139

    One of the world's leading AIDS Professors/researchers and head of the World AIDS Society JOEP LANGE among those killed in #MH17

    by News Team

    Confirmation many leading and high profile AIDS scientists, Doctors, researchers and activists were among the 29 killed in MH17 disaster. 

    The doomed flight was scheduled to change at Kuala Lumpur to MH129 and fly to Melbourne where an International AIDS conference was to begin next week.

    by News Team

    Overwhelming grief in The Netherlands with 154 Dutch perishing in the Malaysian Airlines disaster.

    Dutch mourners outside 
    by News Team

    Awaiting confirmation from Malaysia Airlines that MH17, shot down over Ukraine, was due to change upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur to M129 and fly directly to Melbourne.

    Reports suggest many of the passengers were en route to Melbourne for an International Aids conference starting next week.

    MH17 departed AMSTERDAM and was four hours into its flight when it was brought down by a surface-to-air missile possibly launched by pro Russian rebels near Donetsk

    MH17 taking off from Amsterdam airport hours before being shot out of the sky 
    by News Team

    There are unconfirmed reports that a number of the passengers on the plane were high-profile AIDS researchers and scientists on the way to Melbourne for an international conference.


    It's now been confirmed the flight was due to change in Kuala Lumpur to MH129 and fly direct to Melbourne

    Heartbreaking pictures emerge from crash site near Ukraine - Russian border. Bags from the doomed airline are strew across fields about 50 km from Donetsk.
    Photos Courtesy of AFP 
    by News Team
    by News Team
    by News Team
    by News Team
    by News Team

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    As more news emerges, it appears Pro Russian rebels in the Ukraine are responsible for the missile strike which brought down Malaysia Airlines MH17. 
    by News Team

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has called the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 a 'terrorist act' and blamed pro-Russian rebels on shooting it down.

    Intercepted Audio has emerged of pro Russian rebels talking on the phone to a Russian General saying they'd shot down a jet with 'Malaysia Airlines' writing on it.

    Ukraine Pres. Proshenko 
    by News Team


    DFAT now confirms Dutch numbers that 27 AUSTRALIANS were on board MH17 which crashed killing 295 passengers over Ukraine - Russia border.

    PM TONY ABBOTT's statement here.

    by News Team

    Britain's SUN Newspaper in no doubt who's to blame for the missile which claimed the lives of 295 people on board Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over the Russia - Ukraine border.

    by News Team

    Pro-Russian rebels discuss the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines airliner.

    Pro-Russian rebels discuss the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines airliner
    by maidanorgua via YouTube

    US Military experts are analysing the 'heat signature' and tracking the trajectory of the surface-to-air missile which brought down the Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine. Both the Ukraine Government and pro-Russian rebels are blaming each other.

    Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN says urgent Russian Govt meeting began with a 'moment of silence'

    by News Team

    Conflicting numbers on how many Australians were on board Malaysian Airlines MH17 which was show down over Ukraine killing all 295 on board.

    DFAT confirms 23 Australians while Dutch authorities say on their manifest, 27 Australians are listed.

    154 were Dutch while 80 children on board.

    DFAT Number to call 1300 555 135.

    Wreckage strewn across vast amount of area near the Ukraine - Russian border

    by News Team

    More tears in Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia loses second airliner in year with #MH17 shot down over Ukraine. 295 killed including as many as 27 Australians.

    by News Team

    BREAKING: Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN claims UKRAINE bears responsibility for the crash of Malaysian Airliner Flight MH17

    Ukraine’s government and pro-Russian insurgents traded blame for the disaster, with comments attributed to a rebel commander suggesting his men may have downed the jet by mistake, believing it was a Ukrainian army transport plane.


    * It was flying in unrestricted airspace over the Ukraine - Russia border when it was brought down by a surface-to-air missile.

    * MH17 was carrying 290 people including 280 passengers and 15 crew.

    * MH17 was en route from Amsterdam to the Malaysian Capital Kuala Lumpur and was four hours in to its flight when it was shot down.

    * 27 Australians were believed to be on board while there was 154 Dutch passengers. DFAT confirms 23 Australians on board.

    A passenger took this Facebook photo of the airliner before boarding the doomed flight. 

    by News Team

    Dutch officials confirm nationalities of passenger manifest of doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 which was shot down over Ukraine killing all 295 on board.

    27 Australians on board as well as 154 Dutch,  23 Malaysians, 6 Britons, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian.

    Malay PM NAJIB RITZAK says they're united in grief.

    by News Team


    BREAKING: 27 Australians confirmed on passenger list from MH 17 flight which crashed near the Ukraine - Russia border.

    Most of the passengers were from The Netherlands with the flight en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

    It's believed the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile by yet unknown parties.

    Malaysia Prime Minister NAJIB RATZIK says the flight was NOT over unrestricted airspace.

    by News Team

    DFAT Contact number 1300 555 135.

    A Malaysia Airlines plane has crashed in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border, amid reports it was shot down, killing all 295 passengers and crew on board.

    The troubled airline has confirmed the last known position of flight MH17 was over the disputed airspace, the Boeing 777 was heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

    Images are surfacing of a black plume of smoke before the crash, raising concerns the flight was blown out of the air with wreckage strewn over a 15 km radius.

    At this stage the nationalities of passengers on board are not known, although footage of one Australian passport collected from the crash site has been shown.

    As you can see in the map below, flights are currently avoiding most of the area of Ukraine.

    Of course the latest crash comes after the disappearance of flight MH370 in March with 239 on board. 

    US Intelligence confirm a 'Surface-to-Air missile shot down Malaysia Airlines flight 317 over Ukraine. All 295 (280 passengers 15 crew) killed

    Reporter NOAH SNEEIDA with the latest.
    by News Team

    DFAT release contact number for information surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flt 317 crash 
    1300 555 135


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    A Malaysia Airlines plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in rebel-held east Ukraine. Here's what we know:

    ** MH17 was shot down with a surface-to-air missile

    ** 298 people, including 15 crew, were on board the plane

    ** 28 of those passengers were Australian

    ** Nine people from QLD, nine from Victoria.

    ** Seven from WA (including four from the same family)

    ** One person from NSW, one from the ACT

    ** Prime Minister Tony Abbott: This looks less like an accident than a crime

    ** Foreign Minister Julie Bishop: Austrlaia is seeking access to the crash site

    ** Malaysia Airlines says all European flights will be taking alternative routes

    ** The plane was connecting to Australia, with many heading to an AIDS conerence in Melbourne

    ** President of International Aids Society Joep Lange has been confirmed as on board

    If you have concerns for friends or family, contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

    1300 555 135


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    The Prime Minister says those responsible for the attack on MH17 shouldn't get away with it.

    Tony Abbott has spoken again this afternoon after the Australian death toll was revised from 27 to 28.

    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has met with the Russian ambassador, Mr Abbott was not impressed with the meet.

    "The intital response of the Russian ambassador was to blame Ukraine for this and I have to say that is deeply, deeply unsatisfactory."


    The Prime Minister has briefed Parliament on the MH17 disaster, condemning the attack.

    "As things stand this looks less like an accident than a crime. And if so the perpetrators must be brought to justice" said Tony Abbott.

    "This is a grim day for our country and it's a grim day for our world."

    Mr Abbott wants a full and impartial UN investigation.

    "With full access to the site, with full access to the debris, with full access to the black box, and with full access to the individuals who might be in a position to shed light on this terrible event."



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    We're getting more of an idea of where the Australians on board ill-fated flight MH17 came from.

    28 Aussies were on the plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down.

    Nine of those on board were from Queensland.

    Campbell Newman says it is a dark day for the state, "like all Queenslanders I was shocked, outraged, dismayed and deeply saddened" he said.

    NSW Premier Mike Baird says one person from NSW was on board.

    A Perth businessman and several of his grandchildren are also among the victims. 

    Several people were from Victoria.

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    Malaysia Airlines says the flight path of MH17 was deemed safe by authorities.

    The plane with 298 people on board, including 27 Australians, was shot down with an air-to-surface missile crashing in rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

    In a statement the airline says, "the usual flight route was declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation."

    "International Air Transportation Association has stated that the airspace the aircraft was traversing was not subject to restrictions."



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    Obviously people are more wary about flying with Malaysian Airlines than ever before now, so this is what they're doing in light of the MH17 tragedy.

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  • Malaysian airlines disaster update.

    All victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 disaster have now been identified.

    The Australian death toll stands at 28 - 

    10 from Victoria
    7 Queenslanders
    7 from Western Australia 
    3 from New South Wales
    and 1 from the Northern Territory
    At the latest update, the remains of at least 180 bodies had been recovered. They've each been marked with a stick and a single white flag. 

    In other updates today: 

    Investigators have been denied access to the crash site. 
    Pro-Russian forces are believed to have the plane's black box. 
    Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is expecting a call from the US President Barrack Obama today to discuss the tragedy. One American citizen is confirmed among the fatalities. 
    Australia Federal Government is vowing to get to the bottom of what, or who, caused the downing of the plane in Eastern Ukraine. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's in discussions with governments around the world about the possibility of an independent investigation.  
    Flags throughout Australia, and parts of the rest of the world, will fly at half-mast today as a tribute to those who lost their lives. 

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  • Australian death toll rises in the MH 17 disaster.

    Tony Abbott says it could be some time before the bodies of the 36 Australians killed on the ill-fated MH 17 flights are returned home

    The PM says while the site is secured and investigations continue, it could take weeks, rather than days to repatriate the bodies.

    The Australian death toll rose to 36 after it was discovered eight permanent residents had been travelling on overseas passports

    Meantime monitoring teams say they are still being denied full access to the crash site

    There's also reports of looting, with wallets, mobile phones and other valuable items missing from around the area where the jet crashed

    The Prime Minister and Governor General will attend a mass at St Mary's cathedral in Sydney, while other services will be held across the country today to remember the victims 

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    The Prime Minister says the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 in eastern Ukraine is being treated like a "garden clean up".
    Tony Abbott's comments come after a telephone conversation earlier this morning with Russian President Vladimir Putin, outlining Australia's concerns that the scene is being contaminated by pro-Russian rebels controlling the war-torn region.
    While Russia is denying any involvement in the Boeing 777 being shot down early last Friday as it flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the Prime Minister says Mr Putin "said all the right things", regarding the growing global calls for Russia to cooperate with preserving the site and taking part in formal investigations.
    Tony Abbott is now pressuring President Putin to remain good on his word, promising to speak regularly with the leader.
    While he's maintaining Russia's innocence, members of the public have been busy building a shrine of candles, flowers and messages outside the Dutch embassy in Moscow.  Some of the cards ask for 'forgiveness'.

    Pro-Russian rebels holding guard over the crash site have been filmed taking possession of what appears to be the black box data recorders from the doomed flight.  The militants have reportedly offered to hand them over, but investigators fear they have already been tampered with.

    Meantime, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has taken part in top level talks with U.S. intelligence officials in Washington D.C.  Ms Bishop will now head to New York where it's expected she'll meet with the UN Security Council.

    Back here at home, condolence books are expected to be presented for members of the public to sign while there is also talk of a permanent public memorial or plaque.

    A national day of mourning is yet to be scheduled.
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  • Courtesy: Channel 10 
    by News Team

    Australia is second on the Medal table after day ONE of competition at Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

    TWO Golds in the swimming with EMMA McKEON winning the 200 Freestyle for women while our Aussie girls took out the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay Final in WORLD RECORD TIME. 

    The Relay Team of Mel Schlanger, Emma McKEON and the CAMPBELL sisters CATE and BRONTE broke the previous WR held by the Netherlands achieved in the now-banned 'supersuits' in 2009.

    The CAMPBELLS' mum JENNY was ecstatic.

    by News Team

    Our other GOLDS came on thew cycling track with ANNA MEARES winning the 500m Time Trial for the third straight time after Melbourne and New Delhi while our men's 4000m Team Pursuit beat Canada and New Zealand

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  • Help Catch This Man...

    This is the man police want to interview over the sexual assault of a
    teenage girl in a park in East Caulfield last Thursday morning.

    16 year old was assaulted and forced to the ground as she walked near
    Caulfield Recreation Reserve on Dudley Street around 8 o'clock that

    The suspect ran away when a jogger got close.
    .. police are after a man in his 20's, has a pointy nose and chin and was wearing a mid blue
    Everlast hoody

    Got some info? Make confidential contact with Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

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  • Windy Weather Returning Thursday

    The Weather Bureau forecasts wind gusts to 110 km/h in Melbourne on Thursday with average winds of about 60km/h.

    You can find the latest forecast and the links to weather warnings from the BoM here:

    And the State Emergency Service has these tips:

    • Move vehicles
      under cover or away from trees.
    • Secure or put
      away loose items around your house, yard and balcony.
    • Keep clear of
      fallen power lines.

    For emergency help in floods and storms, ring your local
    SES Unit on 132 500.

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  • Man Wanted Over Toilet Bashing

    Police are appealing for witnesses after a 40-year-old man was assaulted at a Prahran hotel on July 13th.

    Detectives have been told the South Yarra man and a friend were in the male toilets of a Greville Street pub talking about the World Cup when an unknown man swore at one of the comments.

    The victim’s friend walked out of the toilet and as the victim washed his hands the man punched him in the face without warning.

    He briefly lost consciousness after hitting his head on the sink and suffered a broken nose and a facial laceration.
    Do you know this man?
    Do you know this man?

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    Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report here.
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  • 'Unspeakable Sadness' For Alcoa Workers

    Alcoa's aluminium smelter at Point Henry will be shuttered today, the factory closing after more than 50 years of operation.

    Nearly six months after the plant's closure was announced in February, the final production lines will be cleared and the workforce will clock off for the final time.

    About 500 workers have lost their jobs, but more staff will go when the aluminium rolling mill, adjacent to the smelter, closes by the end of the year.
    "It is a day of unspeakable sadness for most and brings with it fears for the future for a great many"
    AWU Victorian secretary Ben Davis
    The Australian Workers Union says a survey of the redundant workers found a "limited number" had secured new jobs and a further 20 per cent had "firm prospects".

    Labor says the Federal government should act to ensure Alcoa workers don't land on the scrap heap.
    "There's a lot of people here in their 50s. They have still got valuable years of work ahead of them and the job market is tight"
    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

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    Sad news this morning - Robin Williams has died aged 63.

    The actor and comedian was found dead at his home in California overnight. The local sheriff's office is treating the death as suicide.

    His publicist released the following statement: 

    "Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time."

    WIlliams' wife Susan Schneider has also put out a release:

    Millions are mourning his comedy genius, fans and celebrity friends taking to Twitter:


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  • A major development in the death of Warriena Wright, with a man charged with murder.

    The 28 year old man who lived in the apartment where the New Zealand tourist fell to her death last Friday morning, was taken into custody at his parents home in Carrara this morning, before being driven to the Southport Watchhouse for questioning.

    He's the man the 26 year old New Zealand tourist met on dating app Tinder before falling to her death from the balcony of his 14th floor apartment in Surfers Paradise last Friday morning.

    He will face Southport Magistrates court tomorrow.

    Avalon building in Surfers Paradise where Warriena Wright fell to her death

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  • Telstra is warning us to be on the lookout for dodgy scammers, after a 400% increase in the number of people reporting fraudsters in the past year.

    Crims are still using the old trick of ringing people at home, and making out you need to pay for technical support with a problem on your PC. They then get remote access to your computer, and nick everything from personal identification details to banking info.

    If this has happened to you, you can report the scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer
    Commission via the SCAMwatch website at; or you can contact
    Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

    This is how Telstra reckons you can protect yourself from dodgy operators:

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    • After months of conflict between government forces and pro-Russian separatists, a ceasefire has been agreed to in Eastern Ukraine overnight. US President Barack Obama says he not confident the truce will hold.. but if it does, tough sanctions on Moscow could be lifted. Australian Investigators may also return to the MH-17 crash site if the calm continues. 
    • Australia could be involved in airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq - if we are asked to do so. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's been in discussions at the NATO conference in Wales - and has agreed the Western World needs to tackle the situation head on.  
    • India has pledged not to build nuclear weapons with any uranium it buys from Australia, following the signing of a landmark deal. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has signed a nuclear safeguards agreement with his Indian counterpart - overturning a long-standing export ban with the country.
    • The owner of the Rozelle convenience store destroyed in an explosion has become a key person of interest in the investigation. It's being reported today that Sydney police are looking into Adeel Kahn's financial records, and why he was at the store so soon. The bodies of three people were yesterday pulled from the rubble.
    • Court documents reveal the Gold Coast Police's compelling evidence against a 28 year old bodybuilder charged with Murder following a Kiwi woman's balcony fall last month - The secret audio allegedly records the man threatening to throw Warriena Wright from the Surfers Paradise balcony while she begged to go home. 
    • A 54 year old man has become the second Australian to die surfing in Indonesia in as many months, while searches for another continue. Queensland father of three Peter Maynard is still missing, after abandoning his personal possessions in a Bali hotel. His family believe he was last seen going for a surf in calm conditions. 
    • The Immigration Minister is seeking a full report into an Iranian asylum seeker who was left brain-dead -- after contracting a skin infection on Manus Island - he's since had his life support switched off at a Brisbane hospital. 
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    • Australian investigators should be back at the MH-17 crash site before Ukrainian Winter.Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Malaysian counter part have agreed to intensify recovery efforts, fearing some remains are still strewn across the fields in Eastern Ukraine. 
    • Calls, today, for a coronial inquest into the death of a 24 year old asylum seeker while in Australian care at Manus Island.  Hamid Kehazaei  was declared brain dead earlier in the week after cutting his foot and contracting septicaemia. While the man's family have engaged a lawyer, a former Manus Island guard says he's not surprised, and has released secret footage of inside the asylum seeker housing. Beau Mitchell says the conditions were 'filthy' when he quit his job in June. 
    • A $158 million biometric face scanning system will be rolled out in airports across Australia in a bid to stop terrorists leaving the country. The "eGate" system follows the creation of airport terrorism units, and will be rolled out from mid-next year. Customs is calling for law changes to make the system most efficient. 
    • An American man accused of going on shopping sprees with copied Australian credit cards has been arrested. The 22 year old clocked up more than $3000 in clothes at US shopping stores using cloned Commonwealth Bank cards. 
    • Honda is recalling more than 120,000 motorcycles for a second time because their brakes can malfunction. The recall covers GL-1800's made between 2001 and 2010, as well as 2012 models.
    • And on Father's Day, a new study's found men with kids are happier than those without, but it's the opposite for women. Men with three children are the happiest...but the report's author says of those, men with only daughters had lower well being than fathers with at least one son. 
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    There's an Ebola Virus scare on the Gold Coast.

    Information is still coming through, but it's understood a man has been rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital this morning.

    The Southport man had only recently returned from a trip to Africa's western region, and had been unwell for several days.

    Paramedics transporting the man are wearing protective clothing, and the man is being assessed in an isolated part of the hospital.

    The current outbreak of Ebola has killed 2300 people, but a vaccine is in the early stages.

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  • South African judge says Oscar Pistorius can’t be convicted of murder. @CynthiaMcFadden reports now #NBCNightlyNews


    Oscar Pistorious has been found guilty of culpable after the shooting death of model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. 

    The verdict comes a day after South African Judge Thokozile Masipa found the Bladerunner not guilty of premeditated murder.

    Masipa said the celebrity amputee's actions were negligent.

    "The accused acted negligently when he fired shots into the toilet door knowing there was someone behind the door. A reasonable person would have foreseen the possibility that the person behind the door might have been killed by the shots."

    Steenkamp was killed on Valentine's Day in 2013. 

    Pistorious has also been found guilty of firing a loaded weapon in a Johannesburg restaurant. 

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    • Prosecutors in the case against Oscar Pistorius say they're yet to decide on whether to appeal the judge's verdict of manslaughter over the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's day last year. The court accepted he thought the model was an intruder when he shot her, clearing the Paralympian of premeditated murder. Meantime, the International Paralympic Committee's revealed Pistorius will be eligible to compete at Rio if he's not in prison. 
    • Gold Coast man, Gable Tostee, who's accused of murdering a New Zealand woman who fell from his 14th floor balcony last month, has broken his silence and is back on social media. The 28 year old's taken to Facebook to protest his innocence, while thanking his family and friends for support and asking they write to him in prison. 
    • Olympic swimming champ, Grant Hackett, is being investigated by Victorian Police after he lost his 4 year old son for several hours at Crown Casino in February. Hackett had publically apologised after wandering the hotel foyer shirtless when the boy wandered off. It's believed a formal complaint was made to police by a member of the public. 
    • Aussies keen to get their hands on a pre-order for one of the new iPhones caused mayhem yesterday - crashing the big telcos' websites, and even Apple's temporarily. 
    • and - Nicole Kidman's publicist has issued a statement saying the actress is in shock after finding out about her dad's sudden death in  Singapore. 
    IN SPORT: 
    • South Sydney will play for a place in the NRL Grand Final after beating Manly 40-24 at Allianz Stadium. The Rabbitohs got up early ... racing to a 40-NIL lead in the first half. Manly's season isn't over just yet -- they'll have a second shot against either the Storm or Bulldogs next week. 
    • TODAY - it's the Roosters and the Panthers at Allianz stadium...then, later, the Cowboys are home to the Broncos. 
    • The Kangeroos are through to their first prelim final since 2007, after upsetting Geelong by 6 points last night. After trailing the whole way, the Cats looked like fighting back, booting the last 4 goals of the match - but it was too little, too late - the end result 98 - 92. 
    • TODAY - The Dockers are gearing up for a do-or-die against Port Adelaide... A loss will see them knocked from premiership contention. 
    • and the Wallabies are heading into tonight's clash with Argentina on the Gold Coast with a clean bill of health. The foreigners will need some magic to come out on top - they haven't had a victory down under since 1983!! 

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    • Australian military personnel have been warned that Muslim extremists could commit terror attacks against troops on home soil. The ADF reportedly distributed a memo just 2 days before the country's terror threat level was raised from MEDIUM to HIGH - it warns of an attack similar to the killing of UK solider Lee Rigby on a London Street last year. The fears were sparked by a verbal attack on a solider in a Sydney Street. 
    • Meantime, the PM's reminding people the terror threat level has not been risen because an attack is imminent. 
    • The three year old boy who's vanished from the NSW mid-north coast wearing a Spiderman suit - has been missing now for more than 70 hours. Searches are continuing - and will today extend to nearby waterways - while Police are investigating other possible reasons for his disappearance.. including abduction. The boy was left unattended for about 5 minutes on a family holiday, and hasn't been seen since Friday. 
    • The government's 200-dollar pre-marriage counselling scheme could soon be extended, to including parenting classes for new mums and dads. News Corp reports the government's considering a trial of services, as part of a plan to improve family relationships. 
    • A make shift memorial's been set up at the Royal Adelaide show where an 8-year-old  girl was killed after being flung 10 metres from a ride. As investigations into the accident continue, it's been revealed the child was on holidays from Malaysia with her parents.
    • Analysis has found the gap between the nation's highest and lowest performing students is widening. NAPLAN testing shows Australia's education system is in worse shape than when David Gonski handed down his assessment 3 years ago. 
    • and NICOLE KIDMAN is expected to arrive in Sydney today to be with family following the sudden death of her Dad in Singapore. 
    • An unlikely win for the Panthers last night - a field goal in the dying seconds sealed the deal - Penrith walking away 19 points to 18 over Sydney. The Roosters will now meet the Cowboys in an Elimination Final next week after North Queensland overpowered Brisbane 32 points to 20 in Townsville. The season's now over for the Broncos.
    • Port Adelaide came from 31 points behind, to beat Fremantle by 22 points in their do or die semi final in Perth. The Power will play Hawthorn in a Grand Final Qualifier at the M-C-G next week.*
    • and - The Wallabies downed Argentina 32-25 in their Rugby Championships clash on the Gold Coast.
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  • Thanks for the report @Andrew_Nelson9 ! We'll keep you updated with news about this mornings police raids. #newsfeed @fifianddave

    A Melbourne man arrested in counter terrorism raids will appear in court in court today accused of funding a terrorist organisation. 

    A 23 year old Seabrook man was arrested accused of giving a US citizen fighting in Syria $12,000. 

    It is also alleged he was about to provide more money. 

    He has been charged with intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation, knowing that organisation was a terrorist organisation.  

    "This operational activity is not in response to a threat to public
    safety nor is it related to last week’s incident at Endeavour Hills," the AFP said in a statement.

    It is the first known time an Australian has funded someone to fight in Syria. 

    "There is no intelligence the man was planning an attack on Australian soil," said AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan. 

    "We believe at this stage the gentleman was operating by himself." 

    The accused is due to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court later today. 
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  • CONFIRMED: James Hird has defied @EssendonFC and lodged an appeal against the ASADA verdict. #newsfeed

    Australia will begin bombing raids in Iraq targetting terrorist group the Islamic State. 

    The National Security Council met in Canberra this morning to sign off on the raids after receiving clearance from the Iraqi Government. 
    ISIL must be disrupted and degraded at home and abroad.

    "Today cabinet has authorised Australian airstrikes in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Government," said Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

    Mr Abbott says the mission is in Australia's best interests.

    "It an essentially humanitarian mission, yes it is a combat deployment but it is an essentially humanitarian mission to protect the people of Iraq and ultimately the people of Australia from the murderous rage of the ISIL death cult."
    Australian Special Forces soldiers will also be moved in to Iraq assisting local forces pending final legal documentation. 

    Air Chief Marshall Mark Binskin said the mission is imminent "over the coming days I won't be specific."

    Mr Abbott stressed Australia was not going to war.

    "I know that you'd love that headline but it's strictly not accurate.

    We we are engaged in combat operations. But these are combat operations against an insurgency in support of the legitimate government of Iraq."
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  • There's unconfirmed reports of another video released online allegedly by ISIL showing the beheading of British hostage, Alan Henning. 

    The video is similar to legitimate ones released online previously - and ends with more threats. 


    The White House has given Tony Abbott a big thumbs up - for his decision to join air strikes in Iraq and to send special forces military trainers to the country.

    Our PM gave the green light yesterday - the strikes are expected to start as early as this weekend, and could go on for months. 


    Parents across Australia may soon be able to ask Police for names and photos of convicted pedophiles living near them.

    News Corp's reporting Victorian police are leading a National inquiry into the program...It'll look into similar to what's already legislated by the South and West Australian Governments. 


    Russian security experts are arriving in Brisbane today to scope out the city, and any potential dangers, before next month's G20 summit. 

    They're joining US officials who've been in Australia since Thursday inspecting airports, hotels and key meeting areas to make sure they're fit for the Presidents' visits. 


    Brisbanedoctors have reportedly identified a rare bacterial infection led to the death of an Iranian asylum seeker, who was detained on Manus Island. 

    The 24 year old died last month after his leg became infected. 


    A man's under police guard in a Sydney Hospital this morning after allegedly attacking his ex partner and police officers outside a courthouse yesterday. 

    It's also alleged he escaped custody in hospital, before being caught by officers - Police are expecting to lay charges today. 


    There's a new campaign targeting Schoolies who are planning to head overseas. 

    Experts say it's becoming more popular to head off shore for school leavers festivals.. and with that, comes a heap of health worries

    They say it's not just 'Bali Belly' people need to be aware of.. even brushing your teeth in tap water, or grabbing a drink from a street vendor could put you in serious danger. 

    IN SPORT: 

    It's looking less and less likely that Bulldogs captain Michael Ennis will be playing in tomorrow's NRL Grand Final. 

    The skipper's still nursing a broken foot.. but his coach is adamant he won't be ruled out until the last minute.


    Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie is rubbishing reports Kurtley Beale has been dropped from today's side to play Argentina because of a mid-air argument. 


    and - Sam Stosur's cruised into the semis of the China Open after her opponent and reigning champion Serena Williams pulled out with a knee injury. 

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    As Aussie troops prepare to begin air strikes over Iraq.. back home, it's been revealed the majority of Aussies are rallying behind the cause. 

    According to a News Corp poll, more than 60% of people back the decision to launch rockets on ISIL, with more than three quarters of us fearing an attack on home soil. 

    It comes as the family of an American man shown to be the next potential ISIL victim has made an emotional plea for his release

    26-year-old Peter Kassig appeared at the end of the video where British aid worker Alan Henning was beheaded. 
    POLICE have charged a father and son with a third man over the murder of Gold Coast man Shaun Barker.. who was reported missing in January. 

    Officers say it's one of the most horrific killings in recent times.. alleging the trio tortured the man, locking him in an esky for days.. before killing him over drugs. 

    Meantime, court today for a 36 year old, arrested at Sydney Airport over the death of a man whose body was found in the boot of a car in Sydney's West 2 weeks ago. 

    The victim's still unidentified. 
    Welfare workers and Police are concerned about a new so-called trend - parents resorting to court orders to discipline their kids. 

    The latest figures show more than 1000 AVOs were issued against children as young as 10 in the last year in NSW alone.
    Used car dealers offering loans to people with bad credit histories are fitting GPS trackers on vehicles to keep an eye on borrowers, and track them down if they skip payments. 

    The system's the norm overseas.. but here, consumer advocate's want to see them banned because of privacy concerns. 
    The dental tech who accused Charlie Sheen of going crazy during an attack with a knife has been fired for breaching Sheen's medical confidentiality and disclosing details of his appointment. 
    and the Bachelor himself has broken his silence.. in a statement, Blake says he simply fell out of love with Sam after a few weeks of trying to make it work.  


    Hawks midfielder Brad Sewell has announced his retirement after 200 games and two premierships. 
    The bookies are still rallying behind the Rabbitohs as favourites to beat the Bulldogs in tonight's NRL Grand Final. 
    The Wallabies are out to bounce back to form this morning against Argentina.

    Australia hasn't lost to the South American team in 17 years. 
    And Sam Stosur's been knocked out of the China Tennis Open, losing her semi-final 6-3, 5-7, 6-2.
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    Eleven terror suspects have been intercepted during a security crack-down at Sydney and Melbourne airports.

    News Corp reports some of them were carrying images of beheadings, and large sums of undeclared cash when they were stopped. 
    Meantime, there's reports Australian fighter planes have completed their first bombing mission over Northern Iraq overnight. 
    Outlaw motorcycle gangs are targeting popular South East Asian tourist destinations to boost membership numbers - 

    News Corp's reporting gangs are setting up houses in Bali, Phuket, Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia. 

    It says the AFP is working with State officers to investigate through a newly formed anti-gangs squad. 
    The Greens are up in arms following revelations taxpayers forked out nearly $23 million for a year-long advertising campaign to stop the boats (from July 2013 - August 2014). 
    Authorities in Texas are scouring the streets looking for a homeless person who came into contact with the Dallas Ebola patient. 
    and - almost seven months since Malaysia airlines flight MH 370 disappeared.. the underwater phase of the search is set to begin. 

    A ship has arrived in WA.. it'll begin scouring the bottom of the Indian Ocean this week. 

    IN SPORT - 

    Well, the fairytale has finally come true for South Sydney... the Rabbitohs beating Canterbury 30 points to 6 in the NRL Grand Final. 

    43 years in the making - the Redfern club took out the premiership in front of a record crowd of almost 84,000 at ANZ Stadium.  

    Sam Burgess has been named the Clive Churchill Medallist after playing most of the game with a fractured cheekbone - he'll be in surgery today to fix it. 

    As for the bumper crowd..  a few did get out of hand - 

    19 people were ejected from the stadium for anti-social behaviour or being too drunk..while four more were arrested for jumping onto the field and using offensive language. 
    The Australia T-20 side has snatched a comfortable win over Pakistan in Dubai this morning -

    While Pakistan reached 96 from their 20 overs, opener Dave Warner hit 54 from 39 balls to help chase down the total with 6 overs to spare
    Meantime, the Socceroos are arriving in the United Arab Emirates ahead of their friendly this week. 
    and -  Novak Djokovic has crushed Tomas Berdych in straight sets to win the China Open. 

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  • Police are hunting a gunman who shot a woman in the arm during a Sunshine West factory break-in this morning #newsfeed
  • Police are raiding properties in Hume, Moreland and Mooney Valley this morning as part of the crackdown on Ice #newsfeed

  • Police raids have been carried out in Melbourne's north this morning, as part of ongoing drug investigations.
    Search warrants have been executed in Moreland, Hume, Moonee Valley and Craigeburn. Authorities maintain they are not terror related.

    The Napthine Government will today announce plans to build Australia's first specialised cardiac hospital in Melbourne.

    If re-elected next month, it's promising the $120m heart centre will go
    ahead in the grounds of Monash Medical Centre, treating tens of
    thousands more patients each year.

    There are calls for a national inquiry into commercial surrogacy, following news of another Australian couple abandoning a baby overseas. The parents are said to have refused to take home their child's twin from India in 2012, because of its gender.


    A Jetstar flight to Darwin was forced to turn back and land in Sydney last night, after a passenger fell seriously ill.
    The man in his 50's was met my paramedics wearing HAZMAT suits. Other passengers were put up in hotels for the night while quarantine officials examined the plane. The man taken to hospital has a pre-existing, non contagious medical condition.

    coach James Hird heads back to the Federal Court today, asking for his
    appeal against last month's ASASA verdict be heard sooner rather than
    ASADA is expected to re-issue show cause notices against 34 past and present Essendon players next week.

    Our favourite spread is slimming down! Vegemite is changing its original recipe to create a diet spread .
    .. with less salt.


    Port Adelaide and Essendon have reportedly discussed a radical plan to get Paddy Ryder to the Power. He could potentially have his contract voided by mutual consent, making him a free agent.

    has named a strong line up for the first International Rules test
    against Ireland in Perth next month, with the likes of Dangerfield,
    Selwood and Naitinui on board.
    Lance Frankling will miss the serious though to rest his knee.

    The V8s will warm up their tyres on Mount Panorama this morning, as practice begins for Sundays Bathurst 1000.

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  • She'll be alright. Aussie nurse we thought had Ebola has tested negative to the disease. She'll be kept under observation though #newsfeed
  • Positive news for the Cairns nurse we thought had Ebola last week, with her 2nd round tests coming back negative today #newsfeed
  • One person has been killed after a light plane crashed into two properties in Chelsea. #NewsFeed #NewsRoom
  • The Chelsea street where a light plane crashed, while attempting an emergency landing this afternoon #NewsFeed

  • double check your flight if you're jetting out of @Melair this morning, after a night of cancellations out of Sydney #newsfeed
  • Do you know anyone in the Himalayas in Nepal right now? DFAT has this number to call after yesterday’s deadly avalanche 1300555135 #newsfeed
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